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Our ConnectKey featured devices make office tasks easy

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology is transforming the experience of how people work, giving them the freedom to solve problems, be more productive and take on new challenges. In Project: SET THE PAGE FREE, ConnectKey is one of the powerful technologies that helps collaborators communicate, connect and work from anywhere.


Managed Print Services

MPS can take your printing infrastructure from so-so to outstanding. MPS is about more than just printers. It’s everything related to printers, their output, supplies and support, the way you use documents, and the people and processes that intersect with each of these. MPS helps you gain visibility and control of document costs. This saves money, automates steps, boosts productivity, and improves security & environmental sustainability



Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

Swipe, tap, scroll, and pinch your way through task-focused apps with ease. The AltaLink® and VersaLink® family of products offers true tablet-like functionality that allows you to configure jobs by scrolling, just like a tablet! Its intuitive design is simple to use, resulting in fewer clicks to complete a job and less time spent at the printer.The user screen is app-driven and task-specific, allowing you to customize it to fit your business preferences by placing the apps used most front and center



State-of-the-Art Security

Exceeds industry standards for security features and technologies. Security is a top priority for us, and we know it is for your business, too. That’s why every Xerox ConnectKey  Technology-enabled device is armed with our holistic four-point approach to security, ensuring comprehensive, all-encompassing protection for all system components and points of vulnerability


Mobile & Cloud-Ready Printers

A mobile device becomes a work hub away from the workplace with ConnectKey Technology. Manage work from anywhere, via laptop, tablet or smart phone. Download, share, print, scan, distribute and translate documents on the go. Use the ConnectKey Wi-Fi feature and your organization’s cloud service to connect everyone’s mobile devices to your MFPs – with native mobility including AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and the Android Print Service Plug-in



Xerox Adaptable App Gallery

ConnectKey features an ever-evolving gallery of apps – including those from third-party developers – that lets you create your own custom app gallery. Use the Gallery to download new apps – scan and convert paper into the format you need with CapturePoint; translate documents via MFP, PC, or smart device with Easy Translator; share patient information securely with the healthcare app. ConnectKey helps to streamline how your business deals with critical information