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Fax Management

Companies today are under pressure to improve bottom line performance by improving the efficiency of the document workflow.

Companies also face significant challenges in integrating competing standards, optimizing document 

integrity, service level agreements (SLAs), adding value to documents with color, managing multi-site and multi-vendor environments. It can become real easy to overlook mission critical functions such as faxing as IT staff focuses on other what seem to be higher priority initiatives. With our revolutionary 360 assessment methodology we leave no stones unturned when evaluating workflow; including the importance of evaluating your faxing technologies and workflow methodologies used for transmitting, routing, archiving and audit trails of your faxed documents.

When it comes to transmitting fax documents in today’s business environment there are increased pressures on organization to be in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and SOX. Businesses are also challenged with addressing increased security requirements to protect its’ most valuable asset beyond its people; its’ documents.

Our Workflow Solutions are designed to help you in three ways:

  1. Keep your documents compliant and secure.
  2. Manage your entire document workflow infrastructure and enable innovative applications that make your document environment more efficient.
  3. Let’s not forget we can help reduce your cost of faxing up to 40% especially if you are currently using analog lines for your faxing and VoIP for your phone system.

Secure Enterprise Desktop Fax Platform

Traditional faxing with standalone fax machines is fraught with challenges. Management of a large number of these devices is cumbersome and carries a high expense for the phone lines and paper each one requires. Additionally, these devices cannot be secured, allowing anybody to fax documents outside the organization. Further, it’s impossible to restrict the fax destinations even if the devices themselves are isolated from unauthorized usage. They also lack the ability to track and audit their activity, which is necessary for security compliance. Lastly, these machines cannot be integrated into your existing network infrastructure, so you lose the ability to leverage your existing back-end systems, network printers, and copiers.

However, there is a better way to fax!

Cleo Streem Fax allows you to securely and easily send, receive, print, archive, and track incoming and outgoing fax documents from the desktop or MFP. It replaces standalone fax machines with network printers you already have and integrates seamlessly with leading edge MFP devices for both sending and receiving faxes.

By integrating with your existing email and document management systems, Cleo Streem Fax simplifies the distributing, receiving, processing, and storing of mission-critical information.

When coupled with back-end systems such as ERP and EMR systems, Cleo Streem Fax becomes an automated production fax solution for distributing information from these systems securely and automatically to keep your business processes compliant and flowing.



  • Preferred choice for many federal and local government agencies
  • Meets DIACAP requirements
  • FIPS compliant
  • Restrict access to fax
  • Control fax destinations
  • Provide audit trail for all fax activity
  • Assist with regulatory compliance and adherence to guidelines


  • Reduce manual processes around fax
  • Reduce expenses associated with fax machine phone lines
  • Reduce costs associated with paper output of faxes
  • Elimination of single-function fax machines
  • Leverage existing investment in network printers and MFPs
  • Integrate with existing PBX and telco resources for both digital and FoIP transmission