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Print Management

It’s easier than ever to manage and control your device output. At AOT we have solutions to fit the demands of every environment.

Tracking usage is becoming more and more relevant to businesses of any size. Where-as the larger institutions used to have a greater need to monitor and control printing costs, it is now a common theme in smaller offices as well. With the increased presence of larger multifunction devices replacing most desktop printers, who is using it and how much has become a necessary cost to control.

  • Track employee printing, reduce costs and keep data secure: the average employee uses in excess of $1,000 in printing resources yearly.
  • Cost recovery options allows you to monitor client activity like printing, copying and scanning and then turn it into a revenue stream with automated cost tracking.
  • Rules based printing allows you to enforce rules to guide employee choices and limit unnecessary or wasteful output.
  • Proxy card printing allows users to print securely, enable mobility and reduce waste by queuing documents until users authenticate by swiping their ID card or entering in a PIN.